Welcome to Giro

Giro is built to help you manage your money, expense, assets, loans, plans, and goals in one place. What makes Giro unique is we provide financial health evaluator and help to assess your financial goals.

Daily Transaction Tracker

With Giro, you can record your daily transactions such as income, expense, asset purchases, asset sales, borrowing, lending, and transfer. You can set a variety of options when recording a transaction.

The options you have:
  1. Back-dated. You can create transactions in the past with no limit. Do you want to record a transaction from 10 years ago? The question is not whether Giro can do that or not. Of course, Giro can do that. The right question is, "Would you"? There is only one prerequisite to record back-dated transactions, you need to ensure the money balance is sufficient on that date.
  2. Payment method. Maybe there is a case you buy something from someone today but you promise to pay some time in the future. You can do that in Giro by selecting the payment method "Later". Giro will record expense/purchase and borrowing transactions for you. Or maybe you acquire an asset that is given free from a nice guy, but you don't want to record that asset with no value (0 value). You can also do that by selecting the payment method "Free".
  3. Transaction items (Optional). Have you done a project and wondered how much exactly you have spent? For example, you are building a new PC and you buy all the components from separate stores. In Giro you can input all the components as "Item" in one transaction record and Giro will sum up all the costs for you.
  4. Project (Optional). When you are building a PC, all the components are bought from different stores and on separate days, and you want to know the total cost for your PC. In Giro, you can create a project and then assign that project in a transaction.
  5. Recurring (Optional). Giro can help to remind you to record a transaction, or even can automatically record a transaction when you mark that transaction as recurring.
Budget control

Budget is useful to help you secure your financial goals by keeping your spending below the limit. You can set a budget for all spending categories. Giro will help you monitor the remaining budget and warn you about budget availability when recording a transaction.

Simple, User-Friendly, yet Beautiful and Insightful Reports
  1. Finacial Summary. You will find a summary of your current Money balance, total Asset value, and Loan balance to get your current net worth on the home page.
  2. Money Balance and Cash Flow Report. In the main Money menu, Giro provides a historical total money balance in a simple yet beautiful line chart, an overall cash flow report for all money you have, and a list of all your money with each balance on the period you selected. In the specific Money view, you will have the same report, plus a list of daily transactions for that Money.
  3. Asset Report. Giro provides an asset mutation report. If you have an asset sales transaction Giro will provide the gain/loss summary.
  4. Categories Report. Giro summarizes all your spending based on the category you selected. You will find a report of actual spending vs budget for all categories. Same with Money, Giro provides historical spending per category in bar chart format.
  5. Loan Tracker. A simple loan balance report complete with its historical repayment.
  6. Daily Transactions. A list of your daily transaction with essential details related to each transaction.
Financial Health Checker

Giro will evaluate your financial condition based on the general ratios used in financial planning and provides some insight to improve your financial health.


You can set goals or plans you want to do in the future, giro will help you to assess the visibility.