Manage and plan your financial like never before with Giro.

Giro helps you manage and plan your financials, give insight what your current financial condition and what you can improve. Reach your financial goals with Giro.

What Giro Can Do

We provide only the best and the most complete features built completely with passion, simplicity & creativity to assist you in your financial planning journey!

Unlimited Record

Create transactions, money, category, asset and loan record as many as you need.

Unlimited Back-Dated Transaction

You can create transaction dated years ago. What you cannot do is create transaction in the future.

Multiple Currency

You can record money and transaction in different currencies, and of course as many as you want. Giro will help you to translate into your default currency.

Multiple Account

Manage your Personal, Family and Business financial in separate accounts in single device

Cloud Sync

You can sync your data in secure Google Cloud service to manage your data in multiple device or just to have a back up


Have a financial management transparency with your spouse or business partner by joining force in managing your financial


Set your transaction as recurring to remind you to create a new record when the time due, or Giro can automatically create it. It's your choice

Financial Health Monitor

Giro evaluate your financial health using ratio generally used in personal financial planning

Many More

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Monitor Your Wealth in One Place

Know how much  much money and assets you have and how much loan you owe, right after you open the app

Unlimited Record

You can create Money, Category, Asset, Loan, Transaction, Project, and Vendor as many as you like.

Multiple Currency

Giro let you have money and record transactions in multiple currency and will automatically translate them into your  default currency

Know Your Upcoming Transactions

Giro summarizes your upcoming transactions so that you will know how much you will spend in the period you select

Multiple Accounts

Create multiple accounts for your different needs. Manage your personal, family, and business finance in one screen

Historical Money Balance

Track your money balance overtime and feel the joy having more money

Cash Flow

Giro summarizes your transaction in a simple cash flow for you

Money List

List all of your money recorded in Giro with balance in the money's original currency and translated currency

Money-Specific Transactions

In money view you can see all of transaction related to the money you are viewing

Historical Spending per Category

Financial planning begin with understanding your spending habit. Tracking your historical spending per category will help you on that

Colorful Charts

Differentiating each category with nice color will help you to analyze the each category's trends and spot any irregularities

Budget Control

Giro list all of your categories with each budget and usage and highlighting any category that have reached their budget

Category-Specific Transactions

In category view you can see all of transaction related to the category you are viewing

Historical Asset Balance

Track your asset balance overtime

Asset Mutation

Giro summarizes your transaction in a simple asset mutation report

Asset List

List all of your asset recorded in Giro with balance translated into your default currency

Asset-Specific Transactions

In asset view you can see all of transaction related to the asset you are viewing

Sales Margin

Giro calculates sales margin for every sales of asset transactions for you

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